About Us

Strathcon is a supplier of MRO "Maintenance Repair & Overhaul Products and Construction products.

Strathcon is a locally-owned, Canadian business serving the Construction, Maintenance and Repair Industries.  Brad Haugan opened the Courtenay branch in 2005 and has built a reputation on integrity and an eagerness to serve.  The stock levels at the branch are impressive and the knowledgeable staff can track down and bring in nearly anything your project requires.

We have extensive experience supporting complex construction and infrastructure projects and can meet all of your shipping and receiving requirements so the material you order reaches the right crew in the right area.  See below a few of the projects we’ve had the pleasure of supporting: 

Rio Tinto Alcan Refit, Seymour – Capilano Twin Tunnels Completion Project, North Island Hospital – Comox Valley

We work with companies that are in and the contactors that support the forestry, mining, construction, aquaculture and manufacturing industries.  Our outside sales team,  Adam Kuzma and Ryan Fedorchuk both with decades of experience, they work with purchasers, field staff, managers and owners to tailor our services to meet their fastener and industrial supplies programs through:   

Regular visits to determine stock requirements and project needs, Bin restock, Vending Solutions

If you’re a purchaser, manager or business owner that has just found us we look forward to working with you and if we’ve worked together in the past welcome back!  Strathcon stocks a wide variety of both imperial and metric hex bolts and socket caps in various tensile strengths and thread pitches.  We are supplied by vendors with international reach and receive weekly shipments replenishing stock and filling customer orders.

Imperial Fasteners and Metric Fasteners – structural assemblies bare & Hot Dipped,  A490, A325, A307B, A307, B7 threaded rod, B7 bolts, B7 studs,   Hydraulic Fittings, Hydraulic Metric adapters,  316 Stainless Steel Fasteners, 304 Stainless Steel Bolts,  Hot Dipped Galvanized Fasteners, Galvanized Lags, Galvanized Carriage Bolts, Galvanized Hex bolts, 10.9 Hex bolts, 10.9 Cap screws, 8.8 cap screws, shoulder bolts, Flat Head Socket cap screw, Socket cap screw, button head cap screw, set screws, 12.9 socket caps, security bolts, tamperproof screws, tamper resistant screws, security screws, flange bolts, flange nuts, plough bolts, plow bolts, scraper blade bolts, fender washers, nylok nuts, nylon insert nuts, grade 8 cap screws, grade 5 cap screws,   – 5” zip cuts, grinding disks, flap disks, surface preparation disks, flap wheels, pipeline disks,  Paint and Adhesive, Stainless strut, stainless cantruss, stainless Unistrut, Hot Dipped Galvanized Strut, galvanized spring nuts, spring nuts, square washers,  timber washers, Galvanized Timber washers, USS washers, SAE washers, Heavy Fender Washers, lock washers, star washers, F436 washers, Beveled Washers, Disc Spring Washers, DIN 2093, Spring washer DIN137B, Schnorr washers, Nordlock washer, Twin lock washer, Ripp Lock,   safety washers, High collar washers, Kep nuts, Acorn Nuts, Stainless Acorn nuts, 2H Nuts, A563 Nuts,   Rivets, break stem rivets, pop rivets, structural rivets, closed end rivets, aluminum rivets, steel rivets, stainless steel rivets, tri-fold rivets, riv-nuts, rivnuts, insert nut, stainless riv-nut, metric riv-nut, multi-grip rivet, large flange rivet, mating rivet, eye bolts, lifting eyes, galvanized steel cable, galvanized steel wire, tinned wire, primary wire,