Brazier Head Multi-Grip Rivet

  • Aluminum
  • Coated Steel Mandrel
  • Breakstem (POP)

Multi-grip rivets have a wider grip range than standard blind rivets and also offer several other advantages. The “bulbing” action of a multi-grip rivet ensures complete hole fill even in oversized, irregular or misaligned holes, provides high clamp-up and high shear strength and ensures positive stem (mandrel) retention, plugging the end of the rivet body and providing a vibration and weather-proof seal.

Our multigrip rivets are available in industry-standard dimensions and are interchangeable with multi-grip rivets from other leading suppliers. Our multi-grip rivets meet IFI Specification 134.



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Brz Flange. GripRite Rivet
3/16" (.020-.250) Grip
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Brz Flange. GripRite Rivet
3/16" (.250-.500) Grip
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