About Wish Lists

Creating a wish list

Place products into your shopping cart. A wish list is a useful tool,  learn what you can do with a wish list. First Step, is to create a wish list.
While viewing your Shopping Cart, you will always have the option to "Save as Wish List".

A wish list must be given a name, then click save. If you have saved wish lists in the past, an indicator will become visible beside the shopping cart, indicating how many saved wish lists you have.

To View your wish lists, click the red wish list icon at the top of the page, a list of your wish lists will appear.
Choose the wish list you are interested in viewing, at this time you may view your wish list, remove, edit, share or add more items to your wish list.

Sharing a Wish List

When satisfied with your wish list, you have choices,

  1. you may proceed directly to the check out and purchase the products.
  2. you may have a desire or need to send you wish list to a friend to share the products  you are interested  in. When your friend receives your email, your friend can view the products. If you wish your friend to purchase the products, your friend can sign up and enter the 5 Letter code (sent with the email), and proceed to check out. If you send a wish list to a friend or co-worker that  has a current account with www.strathcon.com, the wish list products will immediately be available, and your receipant can proceed directly to the check out.

Here are some other examples

  • An employee of a ABC company may sign up for a personal account at www.strathcon.com. We will call this employee Mike. Mike has a boss named George, George authorizes and carries out the purchasing at ABC Company. George has set up an account at Strathcon, and ABC company has been granted an account with 30 Net Credit Terms. Mike spends 15 minutes logged in and viewing products he needs for a project next week, Mike builds and saves a wish list named "Dock Rebuild July".  Mike selects "Email Wish List" Mike has an opportunity to enter a new email address and name, and save for future use. Once set up and saved, Mike can send a wish list to George with two click. George clicks the link in the email, views the products, agrees to purchase, with three clicks, George has proceeded to the check out, entered a Purchase order number or Job Name, selected a shipping method, and the order is sent to Strathcon for processing. George will receive a confirmation email.

  • A supervisor named Terry works  in the maintenance shop at a mining company. Terry needs to purchase cutting tools, Terry logs into his "personal" account at www.strathcon.com, chooses the cutting tools needed and saves as a Wish List. Terry sends the wish list via the "Email Wish LIst" to the Mining Company purchaser. The purchaser has a credit account with Strathcon and with little effort, proceeds to check out with the cutting tools chosen by Terry. At the check out, the purchaser always has the option of purchasing the products with a credit card.

  • Numourous employess can have personal accounts with www.strathcon.com, anyone can forward their wish lists to company purchasers as long the sender has the correct email address.