Shop Supplies

Shop supplies for every day home and professional shop environments.

  • Gas Charged Shocks and Accessories

    Lifting and dampening springs for all purposes.

  • Mechanical

  • Paints and Coatings

    Quality paints and coatings to keep your equipment protected.

  • Safety & Protective Equipment

  • Standard Alkaline Batteries

    Standard Alkaline Batteries

  • Shop Upkeep & Maintenance

    Extension Cords & Parts

  • Cabinets & Storage

    Strathcon is a proud distributor of Durham MFG. storage solutions.

  • Replacement Saw Blades

    Keep Strathcon Industries in mind when your saw blades need replacing.

  • Chemicals

    Keep your work tight with sealants and protect your equipment with lubricants and cleaners.
  • Damaged Threads & Broken Bolts

     If you've got stripped heads or striped threads, you're in the right place.

  • Anti-Slip & Rock Gard

    Safe-T-Walk is durable, moisture proof and long lasting.
  • Clips, Pins, & Clamps

    A selection of Stainless Steel Clips, Cotters, Grease Fittings, Roll and Clevis pins.

  • Cable Ties & Banding

    Stainless Steel and Nylon cable ties and banding for all indoor, outdoor and marine applications.

  • Fittings

    A selection of brass fittings, black iron, stainless and push to connect piping and tubing.

  • Hinges & Latches

    A selection of Hinges, Latches, Weld-On Hinges and Handles.