Rivets & Riv-Nuts

Aircraft maintenance, metal fabrication, home building, decoration, or woodworking. Strathcon has the rivet product for your needs.  Blind Rivets, Semi-Tubular, Open & Closed Blind, LockBolt, Drive, Tri-Fold, T-Rivet, Rivnuts, POP Rivet, Riveting Tools and much more…

  • Solid Aluminum Rivet

    Aluminum Brazier Head Rivet

  • High Strength Blind Rivets

    Steel & Aluminum, protruding head Hemlok breakstem blind rivets.
  • Lockbolts

    Aluminum, Steel and Stainless Steel. Button Head, Truss Head and Mushroom Head.

  • Multi-Grip Rivets

    Available in Aluminum/Steel or Stainless Steel & swells to fill oversize holes. Brazier, Countersunk, Dome, Large Flange styles and more...

  • Open-End Blind Rivets

    Aluminium, Aluminium/Steel, Stainless Steel, Large Flange

  • Rivet Nuts

    Imperial and Metric, rivet nut threaded inserts available in Aluminum and Steel.

  • Riveting Tools

    POP® Hand Tools for Rivet Nuts

  • Structural Blind Rivets

    Steel & Aluminum, protruding head Interlok/Monobolt blind rivets, multi-grip capability.
  • Special Rivets

    Closed End, Trifold, T-Rivets, Copper, Soft-Set