Mi-LIght Remote Control
  • Stylish Design
  • Controls upto 4 Groups of 2.4Ghz LED Mi-Lights
  • Allows the adjustment of the Color Temperature. 3000K-6500K
  • Allows the adjustment of Bulb Brightness from 1%-100%
This remote control will control unlimited LED Bulbs as long as the the Bulbs are 2.4Ghz Mi-LIghts. This Remote all you to devide your home, office, banquet hall, church, board room, meeting room, into 4 groups. Each Group is independantly adjustable. For example, you could put 3 bulbs in group one in your living room. 4 bulbs in group two for outside house lights, 2 bulbs in the master bedroom in group three, and finally, 6 bulbs illuminating your yard.

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Mi-Light Wireless Remote only
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